Sonia Tuttiett at East London Textile Arts

Sonia lives and works in East London and has been a textile artist with East London Textile Arts (ELTA) since 2009. She designs and produces community textile hangings and other pieces in conjunction with ELTA's Artistic Director, Celia Ward.

ELTA have exhibited at various London venues, including the Morley College Gallery, St Martins-in-the-Fields, The Artworkers Guild, the Hellenic Centre and Cecil Sharp House.

In 2015 ELTA ran a 'Friday Late Workshop' for the Victoria and Albert Museum as part of the museum's 'Fabric of India' exhibition.

In 2017 they worked with Epping Forest on the 'Spiders and Sparrowhawks' project.

In May 2018 Sonia was Lead Artist in Residence for the 'Who Are We?' event at Tate Modern run by Counterpoints Arts. Participants from ELTA helped to create a wonderful 'Migrant Coat' (see image) during the six days of the event.

ELTA is currently (in 2018) working with the Watts Gallery in Surrey on a project to create figures for an October exhibition. 

Sonia has also led ELTA in producing Diabetes and Dental Health textiles and information booklets which can be seen on their website (follow the link below).




 East London Textile Arts